Mrs. Lisa Brown » November



‘Healthy Me’ is the theme for this month. Using the food pyramid as a guide, the class will learn about the 5 food groups and how important it is for good health and to grow strong.  As an enrichment activity, we will do a class activity and create 5 posters of healthy foods. Exercise is also a part of being healthy. We incorporate this daily with music and movement!

November brings thoughts of families getting together to celebrate Thanksgiving! It is a time to be thankful for all we are blessed with. The Family Fun activity is completing a ‘Thankful’ a corn on the cob which will be a class project and will displayed in the hallway for all to enjoy!

Pilgrims and Native Americans are important part of history. We will visit Plymouth Plantation by watching an educational documentary and learn about pilgrims and Womponog children as they share how they lived during that time. They will have fun playing games from the past! KB will make homemade butter and put on corn muffins and enjoy apple cider for our Thanksgiving Celebration! It is our ‘Friendship Gathering’!

Religion teaches to be Thankful to God for the bountiful gifts we receive and enjoy each day. The porcupine teaches us the character trait of being Grateful. It is perfect to remember during the Thanksgiving Holiday.

The unit in math is numbers. We review to 10, practice the ‘tricky teens and learn up to 30. The students will recognize, write the symbol and count with objects for hands on learning. We will also learn odd and even numbers.

Journal writing has been introduced. It is the beginning to writing letters, letters sounds and high frequency words to write simple sentences. Their illustrations are so creative and they really enjoy sharing their work to the class!

We are Thankful for our Families and your support and generosity you provide for KB class and the Saint Christopher Academy community!