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December 2020

December News

The Holiday Season is here and our class will complete our ‘Healthy Me’ unit with fun activities with Senses of the Season! It is a wonderful time of year to experience the many sights, sounds, smells, tastes during festivities they are enjoying!  A perfect introduction to the theme is the Secret Sense Bag. Each student prepares their bag, choosing a holiday item and writes 3 clues to read to the class for them to guess the object inside. Everyone will have fun using their 5 senses! A taste test is also planned to experience sweet, salty and sour. Which will be the favorite? A candy cane experiment will be a fun activity! Listening for sounds all around is a quiet activity which heightens their awareness of everyday noises they hear. Christmas music and instruments are enjoyed throughout the season. Jars with a variety of scents provides the experience to explore and guess smells. As a finale and to celebrate the season, the class will create a gingerbread house!

To begin the month, the class will learn the true meaning of Christmas during Advent as we prepare for the Birth of Jesus. Each week a candle will be lit on our class advent wreath.  Our class will visit the Mangers inside and outside St. Christopher Church as we pray together during this Holy Season.

Generosity is the character trait for this month. It teaches that it is important to give to others. To reinforce this lesson, a project is our ‘Giving Tree’. During the season we will collect hats and mittens for children which will be donated for those less fortunate. To give meaning to the students it is helpful for them to take part in this project by being responsible at home helping with a task which helps to but a pair of mittens and a hat for children. Please send them into school by Thursday, December 17th and I will deliver them to Pastoral Care in Nashua. Thank you for your Generosity.

The math unit this month is Tables, Graphs and Fractions.

Mrs. Romero and I wish you and your families a Happy Holiday Season!


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