Mrs. Lisa Brown » January 2021

January 2021

Happy New Year!

January brings winter and Artic Animals are interesting to learn about and they enjoy the cold! Throughout the month we will learn facts and create a research book. The class will become ‘Winter Weather Watchers’ and observe how changes in temperature creates snow, ice or rain.  We will check the temperature daily throughout the month and graph results. It is a perfect time of year to introduce the science concept of liquid, solid and gas. Testing with snow, ice and water is interesting and fun. The math concept of volume and measurement will explored with freezing and melting.

The math unit is telling ‘Time’. The students will practice telling time on the hour and half hour. This unit also includes the months of the year. The class will learn a song for Senora Bichrest in Spanish and English.

Computer class begins with Mrs Litch. She will introduce basic computer skills and educational games. It is a favorite class added to the curriculum for the New Year!

The character trait for January is Obedience. The elephant teaches the importance of following rules for safety. In religion we learn about Heroes in the Bible…the followers who loved and taught about Jesus.

A very special thank you for your participation and generosity to the’ Hat and Mitten Giving Tree. They were donated to the Nashua Pastoral Center and they were very appreciative and it made a difference for children need. As our class patron St. Therese practiced..’Do small things with great love’. We will learn about St. Therese during Catholic School Week.

As we begin 2021, our class will continue to learn, grow and explore! We look forward to many new experiences together! Your support and dedication to the class is sincerely appreciated!

Progress reports will be sent home at the end of the month. Please review, sign and return. Thank you