Ms. Kerry Goltsov » September


Welcome to 5G!  I’m so excited to see everyone again!  I hope you are ready to learn some fun, new things.  This month, we will get acquainted again and learn our new schedule.  The teachers will move from class to class, so you and all of your materials will remain in 5G.  

In 5th and 6th grade English class, we will do some review from last year and continue into different types of nouns, vocabulary, diagramming, and writing skills.  We will be taking notes, so be ready to show me some beautiful handwriting and organization.  Please don’t be anxious thinking about what you may not know because of last spring.  It’s a new school year, and we will work through things together. 

In Religion, we will do some fun beginning of the year activities, learn more about the history of the Church, Sacraments, and parts of the Mass. 
This month will be a chance to reconnect, have fun, and learn a lot!  😀