Mrs. Stacey LaValley Lambert » Welcome to 6L!

Welcome to 6L!

      Welcome to 6L! I am Mrs. Stacey LaValley  Lambert, the reading teacher for grades 5 and 6 at Saint Christopher Academy. I am very excited to be here to share with your child the wonders and joys of reading as we discover some of the best known children's literature together. 
      In Grade 5, we will continue to use the Scott Foresman series "Reading Street" as our basal reader. Our spelling words and weekly spelling tests will also come from the reading books as well. We will have book reports once a month, and instead of traditional pencil and paper book reports, we will use a variety of projects to support our exploration of our chosen stories.
     In Grade 6, we start to explore literature using the Prentice Hall Literature book, which includes autobiographies, folk tales, and a good selection of fiction and non fiction for the young reader.  Book reports are also an integral part of the curriculum, and will be done together in class as the books are finished at home. 
    My homeroom class will also have the opportunity to study the wonders of the Old Testament in Religion this year, expanding their knowledge of Salvation History as well as a greater understanding of "covenant" as it applies to our own faith.