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Go Wildcats! Sports and athletic programs at Saint Christopher Academy are an important part of the school experience, allowing students the opportunity to grow in teamwork, self-discipline, determination, athletic skills and techniques, sportsmanship, and the pursuit of excellence...lessons that carry over into all aspects of life as children grow and mature.

Elementary school is a great time to explore to explore new athletic experiences. Students are invited to participate in all sports, whether they are familiar with the sport or not! 

Students are invited to participate in the following athletic club and teams (Click on the link for each for more information!):

  • Cross Country (grades 2-6)
  • Basketball (grades 3-6)
  • Cheerleading (grades 2-6)
  • Ski Club (all grades with parental participation, those in grade 3-6 may ride the bus)

In addition, instructional lacrosse and soccer are occasionally offered for our younger students as student interest dictates.

Tri-County League: 

Grade 6 students are eligible to participate in the Tri-County League with students from the upper campus for some sports. Please click HERE for additional information.