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Ski Club

This is one of our most popular extracurricular activities. For five weeks in the winter, students in the Ski Club travel on Friday afternoon from Saint Chris to Crotched Mountain to hit the slopes. Students of all experience levels may participate in the club and lessons are available for an extra charge. Ticket prices are offered at a discounted rate to Saint Chris Ski Club members through the generosity of Crotched Mountain. Parents and teachers chaperone the program. There is a separate fee for this activity.

The Ski Club bus leaves directly from the lower campus at 2:45 PM each Friday. Students in grades 3-6 are eligible to ride the bus without a parent. The bus returns to the Saint Chris parking lot at approximately 8:00 PM. 

Students in grades Prek to 2 may also participate in Ski Club, but must be transported to Crotched Mountain and monitored by a parent.