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Clubs & Activities

At Saint Christopher Academy, learning does not begin and end in the classroom. As part of our mission to educate students to lead lives of purpose and excellence, Saint Chris seeks to offer a wide range of learning activities to enrich the experience of our students.


We encourage students to strike a balance between striving for academic excellence and discovering their interests beyond the classroom. Our students work hard, but they are also involved in the numerous extracurricular activities that are available to them. We believe that involvement in extracurricular activities allows one to grow in mind, body, and soul.


Throughout the school year, our students are challenged to participate in various community service projects. Charity is a learned behavior. Helping those less fortunate reinforces our Christian values, teaches our kids that it is “the right thing to do”, and demonstrates how they can have a very real impact on the world around them.


Students can be active in musical performances, clubs, scouting, service projects, athletics, and more. We are always looking to enhance our enrichment offerings, so parents who are interested in starting a new club or activity should contact principal Cindy Clarke at [email protected].

3D Design Club

Students learn how to use software to design three dimensional CAD artwork and ultimately print out their creations. They soon realize that what they are accustomed to viewing plainly in two dimensions becomes disconnected in three dimensions.  Students discover how to think critically, make adjustments, and rotate objects in order to solve problems in three dimensions.  Spatial relationship skills such as these are helpful for a strong foundation in many STEM fields, including physics, mathematics, engineering, architecture, and quantum mechanics.



Chess, Checkers, & Cribbage Club 

One of the unique opportunities here at Saint Christopher Academy is the Chess, Checker, and Cribbage Club. This program offers a safe, low stress environment for children to learn and enjoy the games, while engaging in a social activity that is fun for all. Children play weekly with classmates and learn at their own pace.

We even encourage parents to join us and learn the moves! This in turn gives you an opportunity to play at home with your children, which quickly improves everyone's skills and offers yet another way to connect with loved ones. The Chess, Checkers, & Cribbage Club meets weekly on Fridays. 



Students in grades 3-5 may join chorus. Rehearsal is during the school day. The groups sing during masses, special school events, and as part of the Fine Arts Festival.


Cub Scouts 

St. Christopher’s Parish sponsors one of the largest and most active cub scout groups (called a pack) in the Nashua area. Cub scouts is a year-round program that features a wide variety of fun activities for boys in Grades Kindergarten through 5. There are campouts, trips to various museums, fishing excursions, hiking trips, as well as fun events like our annual pinewood derby and miniature sailboat races. During all of these events, we encourage the boys to have fun while teaching them the importance of doing one’s best (vs. winning), self-confidence, teamwork, and the importance of serving and helping others in our community. For more information, visit the cub scouts website at


Drama Club

Who doesn’t love a good show? Our Drama Club puts on the best show in town every year! Our extensive Drama Club allows students to express themselves creatively, as they prepare a very impressive, full-scale musical performance on the stage at the upper campus. Students are allowed to participate in many different ways, whether it be stage crew, props, or acting. Auditions for singing parts are required, however all other participation does not require an audition.  



Lego League / Robotics 

Saint Chris competes in the First Lego League for children in grades 4-8. This international event is based upon a common theme and a mission that all teams attempt to complete. A team of students design and program a Lego Mindstorms robot to complete specific tasks and then compete with other teams in an exciting regional event in November.  In addition to the robot mission, the team also researches, creates, and presents a five minute report on a specific topic related to the theme. This extracurricular involves creativity, problem solving, team building, friendly competition, and most of all, fun!