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Welcome to 1A

I am so excited to begin our new year and to get to know all of my new students.  This will be a bit of a different year, BUT we WILL make new friends, learn a lot and have fun!  This month we will focus on learning to be First Graders, getting familiar with our class rules, routine and work. We will figure out the best way to be in school and stay safe by socially distancing, washing our hands, and learning to wear our masks CORRECTLY.  
Some of the other things we will learn this year are:
Religion- We will learn about God as our Father, the Blessed Trinity, that Jesus grew up in a family just like us.  That God chose Mary to be the Mother of His Son, the story of Jesus' birth and that we are all disciples of Jesus Christ.
Math- Our focus will be to review some of the math skills we learned in kindergarten, and numbers 1-12, word problems, ordering numbers, groups with one fewer and one more, using the number line, and ordinal numbers.
Language Arts- I will introduce some of the parts of the Daily 5 like reading comprehension and building our stamina.  We will talk about titles, authors, and illustrators.  Spelling words will be introduced the last week of the month and spelling tests will begin in October.  Daily writing will begin in our Writing Journals, and the importance of beginning each sentence with a capital letter, and ending the sentence with an end mark period, question and exclamation will be reviewed daily. 
Science/Social Studies- We will talk about Johnny Appleseed, apples, school rules, socially distancing, germs, being respectful, polite and kind to others.  
Handwriting- Each day we will work on building our handwriting skills, focusing on letter formation, and neatness!  
I can't wait to meet my students tomorrow!  This will be the best year!!!!!


December News

C- is for the Child born that night to be our light.
H-is for holy is His name.
R-is for rejoice with gladness and joy.
I- is for Immanuel, God with us.
S- is for star that led the Wise men to him.
T-is for truth and grace that was sent our way.
M- is for Mother Mary 
A- is for angels singing songs of joy.
S- is for salvation.
Some of what we will be learning this month:
Religion- We will continue to learn about Advent and Christmas.  We will be picking an Advent Prayer Partner in school.  The children will choose a name of one of their classmates (without telling their classmates who's name they have) and pray for them during Advent.  The last day of school before Christmas each child will give the student a Christmas card letting them know who has been praying for them.  Then we will also learn about the Holy Spirit, Pentecost and how the church began.
Math-As a class we will continue to build on our addition and subtraction skills, word problems, and related addition and subtraction facts.  1A will begin using Xtramath online to help reinforce math skills learned in school.  
Phonics- We will continue to review our short vowel sounds, identify words with short vowel sounds and write them in context.  I will introduce long vowel letters this month, and then  we will discriminate between long /a/ and /i/ words from short vowel /a/ and /i/ words.  
Literacy Block- inflected endings, high frequency words, main Idea and details, declarative sentences, short /e/, initial blends, interrogative sentences, hand writing to build on letter formation, reading for comprehension, fluency, accuracy and to build our vocabulary
Social Studies/Science- We will learn about Saints, and their love for Jesus. And  we will continue to learn about signs of winter, and how animals adapt to the winter season. 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  
Mrs. Allen

November News

ABC Thanksgiving
Thank you God for all I see.
Thank you God for my family.
Thank you God for loving me.
WX and Y and Z
On Thanksgiving I thank thee.
This month some of the things we will be learning:
Religion.. We are starting to learn about the church year.  Ordinary time, Advent, Christmas, Lent, the Three Days, and Easter are part of the Church year.  We will learn that Jesus loves and cares for his followers, that the Holy Spirt  is the Third Person in the Trinity. On Pentecost the Hoy Spirit came to Jesus' followers.  We celebrate Pentecost 50 days after Easter Sunday. 
Math...Our class will continue to work on our addition skills, addition strategies with three addends, word problems, and  subtraction. I will introduce the minus sign and continue to review the plus and equal signs. 
Phonics... We will be reviewing our short vowel sounds with a focus on /u/ and /e/. As a class we will blend and read short /u/ and /e/ words and write them in isolation and context.
Literacy Block- Our class will work on short /i/ and /o/, final /x/, subjects of a sentence, characters, setting and plot of a story, High Frequency Words, predicates, plurals with /s/.  We will continue to work on our handwriting skills as we practice writing letters Xx, Oo, and Aa. 
Science/Social Studies-  Veteran's Day, holiday traditions, Thanksgiving, Pilgrims, Native Americans will all be reviewed and learned.  In Science we will learn about signs of winter, and how animals adapt to the winter season.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Mrs. Allen