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Welcome to Spanish!

Hola! My name is Sadie Presenti. I have been a substitute teacher for the Nashua School District.  I have experience with homeschooling my two children.  I have a wonderful Autistic son and a sweet daughter who attends Saint Christopher Academy.  I am happily married to Mark Presenti, who I met in college. My home state is Texas, I love pandas, plants and coffee! As a family in the warmer months we enjoy visiting farms and going on hikes.  In colder weather we enjoy puzzles, crafts, board games and having our very patient cat Frankie model different outfits!  
I am excited to be back for my second school year here at Saint Christopher Academy! I have some great new ideas that I will be adding to this year.  I will be sending out information so parents/caregivers will know what the plans are for this year. 
Last year I had a treasure box that the kids definitely enjoyed this year will be a little different but, there is still treasure involved! 
Lets make it a great year! 



February has been a very creative month!  The 5th graders complete their country projects and the 4th graders completed their Hispanic inspired art projects.  I must say, the students did some excellent work!  My littles have worked on Valentines and letters.  My middle ones have worked on Valentines and worksheets.  


Happy New Year! Feliz año nuevo!  
My pre-k students are continuing their work on letters and colors.  We have also made several fun crafts.  I am sure they have brought home their muñeco de nieve!  Kindergarten just recently created two puzzles!  So, they may be testing their parents puzzle skills.  We made a búho and a muñeco de nieve.  First grade will be picking back up on their packets which will also make its way home as soon as we have completed it.  My second graders are also working in their packets as well as our extra worksheets.  We recently made a days of the week wheel.  Third grade has been working hard in their work packets.  If you have a third grader, ask them about their numbers!  My fourth graders have begun their Hispanic artwork project, I am looking forward to what they create.  Fifth grade is also working on a project, they are creating a map with interesting facts of their choice of a Spanish speaking country.  


My students in all grades this month will be making little gifts for their loved ones.  My pre-k students will be working on letters and numbers.  Kinder will be working on numbers, colors and letters.  First grade will be continuing with their first Spanish packet I created for them.  Second grade will also continue work on their Spanish packets.  Grades 3rd to 5th will also be working on their Spanish workbooks.  Along with their workbooks grades 4th and 5th will be reciting prayers in Spanish and continuing to work on basic classroom questions.  


Thanksgiving all ready!  My pre-k and kinder students made little Accion de Gracias crafts. We talked about the comida we would be eating on Thanksgiving and our favorite comida too!  Along with their usual Spanish work.  First grade and second grade made Thanksgiving Day crafts as well and worked on worksheets. Grades 3rd to 5th worked on worksheets and a thankful pavo. The pavo had feathers for each thing the kids were thankful of.  


For the month of October my 4th and 5th graders were assigned a Saint Project.  They created a box with all sorts of wonderful colors and backgrounds and picked a Saint to incorporate into their box.  They also presented this to their classmates and talked about why they choose their Saint.  My 3rd and 2nd graders colored these lovely Saint pictures and we turned them into "candles".  We even added a paper flame! First grade worked on their worksheets, the color naranja and negro and worked on calabaza crafts. Kinder and pre-k continued with learning about their colors, worked on calabaza crafts and other fun worksheets.


Welcome Back! 
September was a fun month! My pre-k students and I got to know each other and I also met some new faces in the rest of my classes.  It was so nice to see everyone.  We did some some worksheets and went over our yearly plans (3rd to 5th). My younger students in grades 1st and 2nd worked on worksheets, manzana crafts and crafts with the color rojo.  My littles in grades kinder and pre-k, focused on manzana crafts, learning colors and singing songs.