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The lower campus of Saint Christopher Academy is located at 20 Cushing Ave., Nashua, NH.




Students come to Saint Christopher Academy from a number of different towns and cities throughout Southern New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Transportation to the school depends on where a student lives:

Nashua: Students who live within the city limits of Nashua are provided with school bus transportation both to and from the Academy through the Nashua school district. Bus routes are created and managed by Nashua schools. Before school starts, Saint Chris sends a list of eligible students to the school district bus office and families are mailed a bus pass from that office and are provided with a bus schedule. 

Contact the District Transportation Office at 603-966-1055 if:

  • you would like to request a different pickup or drop-off location
  • you have questions about transportation eligibility
  • you have moved and need to change transportation

Contact the bus company at 603-883-0251 if: 

  • your student's bus is running late and you would like an estimated time of arrival
  • your student has left an item on a bus
  • your child will be absent from riding the bus

Please note that due to other commitments in the Nashua bus schedule, our afternoon buses are occasionally delayed in picking up students. If the bus is more than 20 minutes late, we will have students call home to let parents know of the delay.

Outside Nashua: Students who live outside Nashua are not eligible for bus transportation to the lower campus. Many families choose to carpool with others who live in their community. If families need assistance in contacting other parents, please call the school office.
COMMUTER INSTRUCTIONS -- For instructions on how to drop-off and/or pick-up your child as a commuter students, please see the PDF below