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October in 5J

4th Grade Social Studies- We are just wrapping up our chapter on the regions of the United States and getting ready to shoot commercials convincing people to come to each region. Stay tuned! In our next chapter we will learn about government and the voting process, just in time for election day!
5th Grade Social Studies-We have been super excited learning about state government and going through the election process for Kid Governor. Our nominee who will participate in the state-wide election is Jack. Congratulations Jack! The students are working hard putting together a campaign video that we will submit to the state by the end of the week. All students will vote in November for the person they think would make the best Kid Governor. We also started our Student Council elections. The students did a fabulous job with both their campaign posters and speeches!
Religion- We are learning about the seven sacraments and delving deeper into each one. Our service project will be collecting food for those in need. Child Hunger is the platform of our Kid Governor nominee so we will be supporting his cause. Last Thursday was our first Adoration of the year. It was a peaceful time to reflect and be with Jesus. 
Reading- Our stories have been a variety of genres: historical fiction, poetry, and another informational text. We've been learning vowel teams, final syllables, and the suffixes -ible and -able. Our focus has been on analyzing text structure as we explore the lives and journeys of three famous artists in the story Picturesque Journeys.
Fall Fun! The 5th graders went to Farmer Dave's on a field trip with their 2nd grade buddies. We learned about pollination and had lots of fun picking apples, riding on the tractor, and navigating through the corn maze.