Mrs. Rebecca Fessenden » Welcome to art Class!

Welcome to art Class!

Welcome to art class! My name is Rebecca Fessenden. I have been enjoying teaching art K-6 at St. Christopher since 2015. I love being a specialist teacher, because I get to see all the students each year, and their growth is inspiring! In September 2019 art class moved from my beloved rolling cart, to the gorgeous St. Christopher School Fine Arts Center. Thank you so much to the many generous and hard-working people who made this possible. (Covid-19 update: I will be teaching art from a cart again this year to visit students in their own classrooms)


I use a project based art curriculum. This means students will complete artworks focused on specific skills and concepts. We also emphasize the significance of process. This means, we are here to learn, not to be perfect! Here are a few over-arching skills and concepts that each grade will be strengthening:


PERSEVERANCE: Keep going, even if your artwork looks “weird” halfway through.

BRAVERY: You can try new things, even if you’re not quite sure how it will turn out.

DIVERGENT THINKING:​The same assignment can be completed in many ways.

INSPIRATION: Borrow ideas and change them! Learn from everyone!

SEQUENCING: What should I do first? Is there anything I should save for the last step? Why?