Mrs. Rebecca Fessenden » Welcome to art Class!

Welcome to art Class!

Welcome to Art Class!

 My name is Rebecca Fessenden. I have been enjoying teaching art K-5 at Saint Christopher Academy since 2015. I love being a specialist teacher, because I get to see all the students each year, and their visual development is inspiring. In 2022 art class moved from my beloved traveling art cart, to the gorgeous St. Christopher School Fine Arts Center located north of the rectory and church parking lot. Thank you so much to the many generous and hard-working people who made this possible. The Art Room is dedicated in loving memory to Barbara A. Keegan.


      I use a project based art curriculum. This means students will complete artworks focused on specific skills, concepts and themes each school year.  For example, third grade explores Multicultural art from around the world and experiments with techniques used by a variety of cultures to complete their projects. Each grade also emphasizes the significance of process. This means, we are here to learn, not to be perfect!


Critical Skills developing in each Art Class at Saint Christopher Academy Lower Campus:


PERSEVERANCE: Keep going, even if your artwork looks “weird” halfway through. Artists have to learn how to be uncomfortable, and keep going anyway.

BRAVERY: You can try new things, even if you’re not quite sure how it will turn out. Artists have to practice trusting themselves and God's plan for their learning.

DIVERGENT THINKING: ​The same assignment can be completed in many ways. God loves watching how each of us can celebrate the gift of creativity.

INSPIRATION: Borrow ideas and change them! Learn from everyone! Art history, Arts integration with other academic subjects, and our time together in art class are all gifts from God to be treasured and enjoyed. 

SEQUENCING: What should I do first? Is there anything I should save for the last step? Why? God gifted each of us with the intelligence to use our abstract thoughts to picture possibilities and plan ahead to create something beautiful and pleasing to ourselves, each other, and God.