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Welcome to 3L!!!

Welcome, Parents and Students! !

My name is Stacey LaValley Lambert (aka Mrs. Lambert) and I am your child’s third grade teacher. I am very excited to be back at Saint Christopher Academy for my fourth year,  and very eager to spend the year getting to know your child.


A little about me. I am a former computer teacher/technology integration specialist with both Infant Jesus School and the Academy of Notre Dame, where I taught grades PK-8 for 13 years the joys of computer software and the internet using MSOffice and Internet Explorer. I graduated from Rivier College with an undergraduate degree in Communications and a Masters of Education with a focus on Elementary Education (K-8). I am a mom of an eighth grade boy named Joshua (he is at the Upper Campus this year) and two Shih Tzu furbabies. I have been happily married to my husband for 24 years, and we enjoy dining out, watching movies, the beach, and going to plays and musicals. This is my fourth year at Saint Christopher Academy, with the last three teaching in the primary grades. I taught first grade at Infant Jesus School as well, 26 years ago!


I thought I may share some things about your child’s experience here in third grade, just so you know what to expect and hopefully answer some questions for you...


1-Uniforms: Students are expected to be in uniform every day, with the exception of Tuesday, which will be our gym day. They will be wearing the required gym uniform on that day. Also, if there is a “dress down day”, I will let you know by sending an email out the night before and also putting it on Google Classroom and in the student planners.


 2-Absent/Tardy: if you know your child is going to be out or tardy to school due to a doctor’s/dentist’s appointments, please email me at [email protected] in the morning, as well as call or email the school so that we will be able to plan accordingly. As a reminder, I will not be able to check email throughout the day, so please call the front desk at 603-882-7442 if there is a last minute change in transportation or schedule. 


3-Snack and lunch: we will continue to have snack and lunch, however snack may be a “working snack” when we are doing classwork at the same time. There will be a morning recess and an afternoon recess, but the afternoon recess is not after lunch. It is closer to the end of the day, at 1:20. As for hot lunch, you and your child may order from Boonli starting on the first of the month every month until June. It is explained in the Wednesday News. Milk is NOT provided, and you will be receiving an envelope to pay for milk for the year. Your student will be able to pick either chocolate, strawberry (if available) or white (in whole, skim or fat free) milk, and it will be served at lunch only.


4- Subjects/Specials: This year, your child will have two separate teachers for two subjects.  Mr. Daryl Spidaliere will be teaching Science, and I will be teaching Social Studies. The children themselves will stay in their own homeroom, however we will be travelling to each classroom. Each class period is approximately 30-40 minutes long. All other subjects will be taught in the self contained classroom. 


Our specialist schedule for this year is the following:
Monday- Music from 11:20-12:00
Tuesday- PE (Gym) from 9:40-10:20
and  Library/Computer from 12:40-1:20
Wednesday-Art from 9:00-9:40
Thursday-Library/Computer from 12:40-1:20
Friday-.Spanish from 2:10-2:50
*Select Chorus (those who want to join) will be Monday at second recess  1:20-1:35


5-Birthdays: I highly encourage healthy snacks for birthdays. Please make sure that treats are peanut free (in case of allergies). We will usually celebrate in the afternoon with a round of "Happy Birthday" and a special treat from me. Please, no balloons or decorations, as they may distract from the learning environment. 


I hope this covers most of your questions. If you have any other concerns or have a specific need for your child, please do not hesitate to reach out to me through my email, [email protected], or after school hours at my school number (603) 882-7442, ext 609.

Together, we can make this a great year!


Yours very sincerely,
Stacey A LaValley Lambert